Karlla Mendes, tattoo artist, owns Studio Stylo Tattoo, founded in 2002. In her evergoing journey to better her craft; she has participated frequently in conventions and workshops willing to expand her knowledge while also discovering new material and high-quality professionals. She has worked in Hawaii, Ireland, California, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, United Kingdom and other places around the globe.

She has received myriad awards and mentions in major national and international events. In 2003, she was the first brazillian woman to get an accolade in an international tattoo convention. Recently, in 2019, Karlla received homage for the feminine representation in the market, encouraging plenty of women into the tattoo craze.

She has worked mainly with the Fine Line and Ornamental styles. Since 2017 she has introduced to her artistic repertoire the Jewelry tattoo technique. The results are unique tattoos; elegant and refined body art with personalized exclusive designs. With this combination of qualities, it is created, for each one of her clients, an art with personal significance.

“Polishing your soul and immortalizing your dreams.”
Karlla Mendes