To make a time reservation, please read all of the information below before filling out the form and be aware that Karlla accepts only works that allow you to have “artistic freedom” about design.

While using the ideas, elements, and references you have suggested, the rest of the design will be free, this ensures that you get a unique and unique piece.

Typically you will only have the design on the day and time of the session or the night before the tattoo starts, as the creation of the designs takes a lot of time and creativity and may take hours to complete. In addition, any changes to the design can be personally aligned with Karlla.

All the works you see in the media were created this way. If you are not 100% comfortable and confident with this proposal, we recommend that you do not continue scheduling with us.

Your time reservation will require a non-refundable bank deposit which will be deducted from the total amount of your tattoo on the day of the procedure.

Schedules are all-day sessions because Karlla drawings are usually full of detail and take an average of 5-9 hours to complete.

Tattooing newly tanned skin is not recommended, and Karlla asks to moisturize the skin 3 times a day, 5 days before getting the tattoo.

Children are not allowed in the procedure room.

We also recommend that you eat properly and bring something to eat as these are lengthy sessions and it is important that you are well fed.

Finally, it is interesting to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to separate from the area to be tattooed.

Medications or illnesses report on the questionnaire as they may affect your healing.